A Little About Me

I’m a sexual health researcher from the Philadelphia area, dedicating my life to exploring and researching the social-structural factors underlying sexual health disparities. My identity as a Black woman informs my research agenda focused on addressing the profound sexual health disparities among Black men and women. I have received several awards and grants for my research, with projects and publications that you can learn more about below. Additionally, I offer consulting services for individuals and organizations looking for information and support for their research and evaluation projects.



My Research

My research centers the examination of social-structural factors' role in HIV related sexual health disparities, including: racial inequalities, cultural norms and values, neighborhood context, and incarceration. My theoretically-grounded and practice-informed research fills an important gap by expanding our understanding of how social-structural factors affect Black men and women and informing health promotion strategies.

Social-Structural Factors

My initial understanding of the role of social-structural issues was developed through my work as an HIV Case Manager where I led a support group for African and Caribbean immigrants living with HIV and family members who struggled to understand HIV prevention because of cultural differences. I worked with interdisciplinary research teams to examine social-structural factors such as racism, incarceration, and cultural norms that contribute to sexual health disparities for vulnerable populations.


Sexual Health

As an HIV case manager and sexual health educator, I facilitate evidence-based sexual health interventions such as Healthy Love and Be Proud! Be Responsible! and understand the importance of gendered interventions. To help expand our sexual health intervention toolkit, I worked to adapt, implement, and evaluate a sexual health intervention originally tailored for Black women for young Black men.


HIV Prevention

I use a gender-informed lens to examine how norms influence both risk and protective behaviors among heterosexual Black college men. I have analyzed data related to how norms and sexual scripts around sexuality that influence motives for condom use among young heterosexual Black men. I have also examined how campus environments affect the selection of partners, condom use, and HIV/STI testing behaviors.



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